fur babies.

These are my sweet babies.
Each of them has their own personality and they each have a special place in my heart.

-My little sweet cheeks.
-Sleeps with me whenever she feels like it.
-My room is her room.
-Roxy is her BFF. (besides me)
-Hates Weezy
-Does not like to go outside.
-Wakes me up with kisses.
-Loves me unconditionally.
-Spoiled rotten. 
-Doesn't like when I'm on my phone or the computer.

-Loves Bella
-Hates Weezy
-Thinks she weighs 5 pounds.
-Total lap dog.
-Has a problem with skunks.
-Loves to be running outside
-Watches tv

-Has the body of a show dog.
-Also hates Weezy.
-Loves having his own, special toy.
-Enjoys barking at the donkeys.
-Can shake, high-five, and speak on command.
-Barks at dogs on tv
-Is starting to love to be cuddled.
-Has bad hips:(

-Loves Bella
-Loves Roxy
-Stays away from Jay-J
-Wild puppy
-Doesn't wake up until about 10 in the morning
-The Devil
-Eats poop... and lots of it.
-A sweetheart when she's tired.

Our Angels

I love and miss you both everyday<3

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