Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

So I decided to start a new weekly post, my Friday Favorites!
I'll post about all of my favorite pins on Pinterest from the week.

From Home Depot. Paint them whatever color, glue each one together and make a great magazine, book, or mail holder. I was just thinking about how I needed one of these:)

I loveee my Kitchenaid mixer, but I'd love it even more if it looked like this.
You can check out these sweet decals

I love my animals so much. This brings tears to my eyes because I know I would be doing the exact same thing.
I already have one sugar skull
  but this one is so cute I might just have to find somewhere to add it.

Enough said.

Oh, and here is another blog hop!
Thank you soooo much Young & Restless for hosting these!
young and restless

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something a little more interesting, like a
Yeah, that would be nice.

Thanks for hanging out with me!



Carrie said...

Hi Kodi! Just stopped over from Christa's blog hop...I'm your newest follower! And I'm in Texas too. :)

Kodi said...

Thank you for stopping by and thank you, thank you, thank you for following me!

Hope you like my blog:)
Have a great weekendddd.

paulyandmeg said...

Ahhh I need those kitchen aid decals! I didn't even know they made those - so cute! Thanks for sharin : ) Ps. here from christa's blog hop!

Sonya Marie said...

DROOOOLING over that mixer..DROOLING!!!

Hannah said...

oh my gosh i love pinterest too!! i'm totally obsessed with that mixer..i saw a hot pink one in a magazine, too!

Kodi said...

I want that mixer so bad! Mine is red so I'm hoping I could find zebra print decals for it. I'll keep ya updated:)