Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favorites; Week 2

As those who read my blog know,
I'm completely obsessed with Blog Hops!
Especially this one

young and restless
Christa over at Young & Restless hosts one every Friday and I'm so excited to be able to join it.
Head on over there and check it out, and if your visiting from the blog hop,
let me know so I can thank you for visiting me!
Anyways, on to a post for today.
Its Friday Favorites time!
For all of you that don't know, every Friday I post my favorite things from Pinterest that I found that week. 
So here ya go!

An iPhone photo printer! Can you say neatest thing ever?
I would have pictures everywhere.

Santa hat pretzels. 
Just dip in white chocolate, add some sprinkles, and a marshmallow.

 Now this may be the best idea yet.
See that pretty white wall hanging?
Now try to guess what that is...
It's one of those rubber, black doormats that you can buy anywhere.
All they did was paint it and hang it up.
Neat, huh?

This photo shows a make-up technique of putting on black eyeliner and then
adding white eyeliner on top.
I think it looks amazing on her, but probably not so much on me.
Oh, well.. I might just have to try it anyways.

This honestly broke my heart in two..
Pray for a soldier today, and pray for the loved ones they leave behind.
Also, don't forget to thank a veteran. 
They did give you the right to be reading this right now.

And just so we don't leave off on a sad note,
I wanted to share with you an expression I receive daily from my little ones at home.

Happy Veteran's Day everyone!

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Carrie said...

Those santa hat pretzels are so cute! I am totally making those this year!!! And I can't believe that wall hanging is one of those door mats. What a great idea!