Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Room Re-do; Part 1

How was y'alls weekend?
I spent mine completely off Blogger and believe me, not a good idea.
I've spent the past two hours reading all the blogs I follow.
Two hours. 
Luckily i have some really good blogs to read, so it hasn't been boring!

What I did do this weekend though, was put some real consideration into redecorating my room. 
It's something that needs to be done..
Right now my room consists of 
-one hot pink wall
-a Mossy Oak (camo) comforter
-off white walls (they just became dirty overtime)

I'm very eclectic.

But now I feel a little more grown up, and I think I deserve a little more grown up room. 
My theme: Grey, black, white and lime green.

Every thing on here is from Target... duh.
Comforter: $44.99
Sheet set: $39.99
Curtains: $29.99
Frame: $19.99 (already have it)
The nightscape is $79.99
and the tree picture is $33.99.
Which one looks better?

The paint color is Valspar from Lowes called 'Storm'.

I'm so ready to start and finish this big project but I'm also excited to take all of you step by step along with me!

If you have any other ideas or items, I'd love to hear about them!
Have a happy Tuesday:)


Renee said...

Oooh, fun!! You'll need a lamp too for ambiance! I like the tree pic, but im a bit of a closet tree hugger! The nightscape one would suit the color theme tho!!

Kodi said...

I knew there was something I was missing, and it was a lamp!

I loveee the nightscape one, but I feel like the tree one goes better with the comforter..
Maybe I'll just have to same up and buy both:)

Casey said...

I think I like the landscape - but they are both awesome!