Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hellllo Everyone!
I'm so happy I had a chance to blog today since I usually only get one written Tuesday through Friday.
And let me tell you writing a post with a baby English bulldog licking your hands every time they move is NOT an easy task.

Did you see my new blog button?!
I made it myself and I love to look at it :)
If you can't clearly see the picture, 
this is what it looks like...
Photo credit to: Deanna Campbell

I used Photoshop and to make it.
I need to learn how to make links in my posts so that way you could just click on the word Picnic and it would just take you there.
Do you know how?
Could you let me know?
Thank youuuu :)

On to what I was really gonna tell you about. 
This weekend I had baby on the brain. 
I love, love, love to buy baby stuff.
And I found the exact baby blanket my best friend wanted (Let's call her B from now on)
for her baby. (And we're gonna call him Baby Z)

She had just mentioned it the other night when I went to go see the DVD of the sonogram and I had seen it before on her Pinterest.
I was ecstatic when I saw it and I knew I had to buy it.
And of course I just couldn't contain myself and I had to give it to her last night.

She was soooooo happpy!
(Sorry there's no pictures, 
she's pregnant and that means she only is 
presentable when she goes out.)

And today I get to go to the doctor with her and hear little man's heartbeat!
 Again, I'm sooooo excited. 

Oh, and Thanksgiving is THIS Thursday!

See y'all tomorrow :)


Fash Boulevard said...

ahhh omg that football blanket is beyond adorable. and i love your button. i still need to make one. ugh. so glad I came across your blog. totally following. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my fashion blog. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist. xo

Kodi said...

The buttons are pretty easy if you get the right code.. and know how to work Photoshop (which I don't).

Thank you for following me! And I will definitely go check out your blog:)